Monday, August 23, 2010

Placenta Brain

I totally love having three children.

Well, Chloe doesn't do much.  Mostly just lays in her tanning bed looking cute, squawking, smelling like a cute little baby and squirming.

But Cohen and Kembry absolutely melt my heart with all the kisses they give their new little sister.  How excited they are to show their friends.  How they always ask where she is, when is she going to wake up, can we hold her, pllllleeeeeasssse.

Yes, I love having three children.

And thanks to placenta brain, I may soon forget the pregnancy, and want a fourth...but let's make sure Chloe survives first.  And then we'll have to figure out a way to convince my uterus and Brett...probably a long way off.

Kelly Out


Lindsay said...

That's relieving to know...even just 2 children scares me to death. SO glad your kids are adoring her! So cute!

Anonymous said...

I am so so so happy for you Kelly!!

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