Sunday, August 08, 2010

A few things I learned in church today:

  • Get rid of fear and faith will flourish.
  • You may go with a small cup, but you can ask for a bigger cup while you're there.  I did, and it worked.
  • Pushing through the pain (physical, emotional, mental, whatev) is worth it.
  • 3 hours is not enough.  Bring the Spirit home.
  • The best way for your children to learn is by example.  I absolutely know this.
  • Relief Society women make me feel beautiful.  On the outside especially, which is where it really counts.  (I kid.  I kid.)
I love what our Stake President said in Relief Society (it was Ward Conf. today).   He said he saw a direct correlation to a drop in sacrament meeting attendance with that of Relief Society attendance.  When women don't come to church, neither do their families.  That's right ladies.  We already knew it, but we're the rock.  We're the foundation.  We're the get-up-and-go that our husbands need, otherwise they would never go to church.  And our children would look like rocks caked in mud and dirt and would wear white socks with their black church shoes.  Yuck.

But he also said that our Heavenly Father knows us personally, as if we were his only child.  I...don't know what to say.  I know how much I know and love my own daughter, who is not my only child.  I know how I would do anything for her, how I love to teach her and see her grow.  Just knowing how much I love Kembry, in my mortal, temporal way, helps me know just how much my Heavenly Father knows and loves me and how he wants the best for me, just like I do for Kembry. 

And He knows you too, as if you were his only child.

Kelly Down

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