Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pitocin Please?

On my journey to induce labor, I'm realizing how much my uterus really hates me.

I used to give it a bad look, it would contract.  Kiss my husband, contract.  Read a book, contract.  Eat a brownie (mmmm, brownie) contract.

Today I walked to my BF's house: NOTHIN'!  C'mon...I think my uterus is secretly laughing at me right now.

Good news (there's always some!) I lost four pounds in one week!  That's generally a sign that labor is in sight.  And considering how much I've been eating, and man, I've been eeeeating, I'll take it as a sign.  I'll take anything.  I can't wait to meet and kiss those little knees that are sliding along inside of me right now!  So cute!

Kelly Down

1 comment:

The Hancuff's said...

i'm glad you came over. i could use 4 lost pounds this week. sheesh!!! hope you had a good lunch.

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