Friday, November 05, 2010

Gratitude Day 5: The Ramen Report

As a kid, my mom would put ice in you to cool you down for me.

As a girl, you were the first hot food I could make entirely by myself.

As a teenager, you fueled my after school gossip with my BF as we scarfed down three or four packages each.

As a college student, you were the only thing I could afford.

As a newly wed, we would make googley eyes at each other over a steaming bowl.

And you were the only thing we could afford.

As a mother, you're cheap, you're fast, they love you and you fill up their bellies.

When I'm a matured woman, I'll eat you for nostalgia.

As a toothless widow, I'll chomp on you with my gums.

You're delicious in your uncooked crunchiness, and even better with you're salty juice.  I love you for breakfast, lunch or dinner, in winter or in summer.  I could take you with chicken, veggies or in a stew, but I love you just as plain, perfect, wonderful you.

Kelly Out

1 comment:

The Hancuff's said...

i love it eating it raw too with the seasoning on top. i was never actually allowed to eat it this way as a kid though. but way tasty!

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