Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

I'm watching Kembry playing with her talking baby.

It talks, did I mention that?

It doesn't stop talking.

Anyway, when it says, "I want to play, Mommy," Kembry says, "NO!  You can't play with your friends!"

When it says, "Read me a story, Mommy," she says, "NO!  I don't have time right now!"

When it says, "I'm hungry, Mommy," she says, "I just fed you!"

When it cries (I mean, wouldn't you be crying right now if you were that baby?) she says, "She always cries, that's all she does.  Just go to sleep!"

Um....is this a reflection of me?

I'm feelin' pretty bad right about now.

I think I'll give her extra kisses, and cookies, and candies, and a pony.  And a puppy.  And she can play with her friends.  And drive my car.  And sit too close to the t.v.  And eat cereal without milk.

Kelly Out

(Come to think of it....I think she planned this.  Yeah, yeah.  See, she's a four year old evil genius...I mean, she's never even played with this baby, and she's had it for years.  She's just doing it to make me feel bad, to get candy...and ponies...Yeah, that's it....)

(Oh man, now I feel bad for thinking that.  I need a tag team session with Dr. Laura and Dr. Phil...throw in Dr. Oz too.  Shoot, I need all the help I can get.)


Kimberly said...

Ohhhhh...I don't think this is a reflection of you at all. Maybe she's just super annoyed as heck that the doll is so needy and isn't content with just being a stupid annoying doll. That's it.

genderist said...

Eh, just be glad she's not teaching the dolly how to clean handguns or cook meth. There are way worse things.

De España said...

Kelly, WOW, I do NOT think you should feel bad about this! One time I read this article about how mothers should let their children be disappointed and they shouldn't feel bad about it because that's part of how a child learns about real life. I'm not great at paraphrasing it, but basically it just said to accept that you can't always have time for your child and it's okay if they get frustrated sometimes, etc. I think it's a common problem for moms to be too hard on themselves for not always being perfect. I'm not a mom, so I can't speak from experience, but just knowing myself, I'm not going to be THAT great it so I plan to cut myself some slack and try not to be too hard on myself. I think it's sort of the same as being a missionary and other callings - it can be easy to get really down on yourself for all your shortcomings, and then you are a worse missionary because you're always feeling guilty and not finding any joy in the work... but what you should really focus on is that you're out there TRYING... that is what the Lord asked you to do and that's what you're doing. Okay, I'm going on too much, but that's what I think. You are a great mom and don't feel bad about something like this!!! Focus on all your positive qualities because they are plentiful!! K, I'm done now...

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