Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gratitude Day 9 AND 10: Aren't You Lucky?

My family had somewhat of a tragedy Monday evening, so I'm a post or two behind.  And this one, lucky for you, will have to be short, as my daughter just pooped all over the couch and is now being bathed by her father; unattended by me.

Scary stuff.

I am grateful for one of the things most sought after in this world, and rarely found, even in America, home of the dollar bill.

I have a safe home.  A comfortable home.  We have t.v.'s, a piano, comfy couches, windows, doors, indoor plumbing, a heater, an air conditioner...I mean, seriously.  How did we get so blessed?

We lay on beds with pillows and big, plush, comfy blankets. We can watch the snow fall peacefully from our big front window, with hot coco warming our hands and Christmas music in the background.

I'm so grateful for this.

I'm also grateful for family.  I should really dedicate an entire post to my family, because the more we mull over our "big decision" the more I realize how much they mean to me, and how hard it would be to leave them.  I think I've taken advantage of their very presence so near to me for so long.  I love them.  And as we have tragedies, it's amazing how we all come together in my moms tiny house.  How we're so happy being so close to each other.  How important it is for us to eat food together, to talk face to face, to hug and comfort each other.  So many things that can't be done cross country or over the phone.

  I love them.

Kelly Out

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The Finlinsons said...

I love the gratitude posts. I need reminders to be more thankful and complain less. We really are so blessed with things we take for granted, such as a house with food and furniture...seriously. Amazing blessings.

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