Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Quicky About The Boy

This will be a combined post of things I'm super grateful for, like the boy, and about how totally awesome that boy is.

Time.  Now that I have so little of it, I'm remembering how much I really like it.  I wish I could breed time like I breed babies.  Totally fertile.

Brett has made me hot chocolate two nights in a row now.  Yes!

I have felt completely and totally at peace with life.  I used to have dreams that a handsome, rich, ripped movie star would kidnap me and move me to a cottage in France with him.  Now when he offers, I say, "Nah, I'd rather hang out with my family."  True story.  And I'm not even on any drugs...besides chocolate.

I love making fondants for chocolates.  I love spending one-on-one time with my mother-in-law.  I love sugar.

And now for the boy.  My boy.  I grew him in my womb.  I squeezed him out like nobody's business, and even though he wasn't breathing, he had no brain damage.  Or maybe he did have brain damage, and he was initially the most intelligent being ever to be born.

A little much?  I think not!

I went to my very first parent-teacher conference today.  It comprised of continued praise over my sons unlimited genius sprinkled with golden nuggets of his kindness towards his fellow peers.

Erm...well...the kids a know-it-all and likes to play teacher.

And she complimented his grammar, articulation, and excellent sentence structure. 

Yeah, I have the most awesomest Kindergartener in the entire world.  Ever.

Love him.

Kelly Out


The Hancuff's said...

i meant darn:/ seriously, what a different one letter makes. you better post this comment or i'm in big trouble:)

Lindsay said...

He's brilliant! And cute too! What a little charmer you have on your hands!

Kimberly said...

Kelly, I love how you make my heart melt and make me laugh all at the same time. You rock my dear and so does the boy!

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