Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Month of Gratitude

I debated yesterday about committing myself to doing the Month of Gratitude.

I blame Monday.

And babies that wake up every hour to eat.

But this morning, I realized it's just what I need.

I need to sit down everyday and think about all the wonderful blessings I have in my life.  I know there has to be at least 30...

So, starting a day late, I bring you TWO, that's right ladies and gents, TWO things I'm grateful for.

Numero Uno:

I am grateful that my son puts his dish in the sink.  This may seem like a small thing, but it is the small things that life is made up of.  I have to pick up unlimited amounts of candy wrappers, dishes, clothes, diapers, etc. that this small and simple act brings tears to my eyes.  Whenever I hear that "clink, clink" in the sink, I smile.  Oh, he also puts his shoes away.

Future wife of Cohen, you're welcome.

Our cousin Linsy took this picture.  I think it's a perfect representation of Cohen, haha.  

Numero Dos:

I am grateful when I wake up early.

Like this morning.

We got a leisurely 15 minutes to read our scriptures together.  Brett showered, thank heavens, while I did the dishes I should've done last night, but would rather watch "Women of SNL".  Then, by the time Thing One and Thing Two decided to grace us with their presence, I had breakfast already cooking.

I always wanted my kids to wake up to something smelling delicious.  I always wanted them to have a hot breakfast first thing in the morning, with a mother in a dress and apron and pearls.  I always wanted to live in France and have a hot steamy affair with the gardener who strongly resembled Brad Pitt but had the patented French accent and rolled his Rrrrrrr's...

But, because I woke up early this morning, I was able to fulfill at least some of that fantasy, and my kids seemed pretty happy for it.

Now for my 8:27 A.M. nap...

Kelly Out

P.S. I was not in a dress and apron and pearls.  I was in old holey sweat pants with paint stains, and an even dirtier maternity shirt that's five sizes too big for me.  And snot dripping down my face.  And two day old mascara.  You're welcome for the image.


genderist said...

And a well-trained man is hard to find. :) On behalf of his future wife, thank you thank you thank you!

And the mental image was made complete with the 2 day old mascara. Nice.

Kimberly said...

Olive this idea! I think it really does help to sit down and write the things you're thankful for. Keeps you somewhat sane at least.
PS. Isn't that the regular mom attire? I wear that outfit a. LOT! That's including mascara. Boo and Ya

Lindsay said...

So cute! Go Cohen! I'm sure his wife will be eternally grateful.

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