Sunday, November 07, 2010

Gratitude Day 7: Fasting

At risk of being the dudes in the bible who make their faces all gaunt to show everyone that they're cool and they fast....I'm going to post about what fasting means to me, and why I'm grateful for it.

It's been a looooong time since I've been able to physically fast, what with creating life, then giving birth to it, then bleeding to death for a week or so...

It's been awhile.

So today is the first day in a good 11 months that I'm fasting, and can I tell you, I'm pumped.

Brett and I have a strong testimony in prayer and fasting.  We receive answers to our problems and questions as fast as lightning.  We're very blessed.  And when we fast, we feel the blessings and love of our Heavenly Father pouring out on us.  It definitely makes starving worth it =)

This week Brett came home with a really big decision for our family to make.  The biggest we've been faced with.  I'd even say bigger than having a baby.  Ok, maybe not that big.  The first thing I thought, with a rush of relief, was that we could fast about it in only a few days, and have the support of the Lord in our decision.

(Not that you can't fast any time, it just means more when you have the support of your Ward and family behind you.)

I'm grateful that the Lord has provided us with this monthly opportunity.  Grateful that we have a way to come  even closer to Him and our Savior.  Grateful that through following this commandment, we are given answers to our questions and results to our prayers.

Heavenly Father doesn't ask us to do this so that we suffer or become uncomfortable.  Shoot, if missing a few meals makes you that miserable, you've got issues.  But he provides a very simple way to follow a commandment and receive those blessings.  Fasting brings us closer, I have no doubt of that, to our Father in Heaven.  And I'm grateful for Fasting today.  Grateful we don't have to make such big decisions on our own. Grateful that we can find out the will of the Lord in such a simple way.

Kelly Out

P.S.  Sorry if this post is here and there.  I had kids crawling on me, a baby screaming, and a husband talking to me.  Struggling to focus, but determined to spit it out while it's on my mind =)

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genderist said...

Great post. I'll pray that you get clear discernment for your big decision ahead.

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