Thursday, June 26, 2008

Being a mom is awesome!

Last night as Cohen was watching "Wallace and Grommit" and Grommit gave Wallace a plate full of veggies for his diet, Cohen said, "Ok Wallace, eat all your veggies, then you can have your cheese."

If that doesn't melt you heart, this might. When I was laying with him in bed last night, playing with his hair and having a little conversation, he said, "Ok, mommy, you go to your bed now and go to sleep." Rejected, I left, but not before I said to the whole room "I love you," to which two sweet little angels replied "Love you too."

Being mom is the greatest! I think I'll do it again today!


Liz said...

Oh, that is precious. I dont have kids... but I do that to Mabel sometimes. I snuggle her... and then she growls. Maybe kids would be nicer. :)

Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

I completely understand about the cake and twilight analogy. I read Pride and Prejudice before my third time with Twilight. Oh I can hardly wait for August:)

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