Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Friday!

And has there ever been a happier Friday? I've just purchased my first home abroad, a little place called Chatsworth House. Something quaint and cozy, a little place to escape to when the rainy days aren't coming as often as I'd like.

While I'm here, why don't I sit down and enjoy a read from a first edition Pride and Prejudice, just for the fun of it? Not that I don't absolutely adore my wore-down, torn-up, rusty, sticky, stinky old Barnes and Noble copy, but there is something about the smell of the centuries old bound leather that really brings me back to my days in the early 1800's, frolicking around with my good friend Jane Austen. Can you see Jane Austen frolicking? Imagine with me for a moment...Kind of freaky huh?

Anyway, back in reality, the Neff Family is way excited not for the weekend but for the next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and (yes, of course) Friday. We won't be traveling abroad to the Chatsworth House as I had so hoped we would, but, we get to see Brett's long lost cousins Cora, Heath and their way cute kids Logan and Hunter. We get to go to a baby shower for his other way cute cousins Holly and Ryan, who are adopting a baby girl who will arrive in September. We get to go to Cherry Hill with all of these lovely people and more, and (drum roll please) Friday is INDEPENDENCE DAY! Woo Hoo! Can you tell I like this day? My layout didn't give it away, did it? Too subtle? I thought so. But for those of you lacking the divine knowledge, it is also my birthday. Didn't you know the fireworks were for me? Yeah, I didn't think so. S'okay. Truth is, I found out they weren't really for me on my 6th birthday, when my loving Uncle T got drunk and advised me "You little brat, those fireworks aren't for you!" Gotta love family! I think that was the same year he started the field on fire...not sure...I'll have to check into that...

Anyway, have a fantabulous-wonderful-awesome-glorious weekend!

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Tanya said...

that is way cute. the fact the he's going o his own definitely bumps him up on tasia's (& my) list of possible boo's. we love cohen, and your just the right mom for him. i really do admire your patience towards your children, and am happy for all of your successes with them. we love the neffs!!!

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