Monday, June 02, 2008


Our little man turned 3 yesterday. Amazingly, no tears spilled. I was able to keep them in my eyes until they dried. It was tough, but I did it.

Cohen is such a stud muffin. Even though he had oodles and gobs of presents sitting in front of him, tempting him ALL DAY, he didn't once ask to open them. He just kept pointing at them saying, "Those are my presents for my birthday and I'm free."

He was so excited to go to nursery, thanks to the enthusiasm of one of the greatest nursery leaders ever. And after church, he was so excited for birthday cake, he could barely contain his excitement.

There are so many things we love about Cohen, so many, but here are just a few for our friends who maybe don't know our little red-headed stud-muffin as well as they would like.

Cohen LOVES to read books; to himself, mommy, daddy, and Kembry.

He has a wild imagination, but he's really quiet about it. Sometimes we'll catch him talking to his cars, saying "Ok, come on daddy. Let's go get mommy. C'mon Kembry, let's go find daddy, he's hiding." So cute. Larkin also makes a guest appearnce in the Soaps of the Cars.

He LOVES trains, buses, tractors and fire engines. Every where we go he can spot one. Sometimes I don't see them until he points them out to me, and I wonder how he even saw them at all.

He sings to himself in his car seat or at night in bed.

He loves helping Kembry with everything, even if she doesn't want help.

He says bless you whenever anyone sneezes, and if you don't say "Thank you," he'll keep repeating "bless you" until you do. Also, if he say's "Thank you," you must say you're welcome.

Cohen loves church. He's starting to understand days of the week, and whenever we tell him what day it is, he'll list the days events (I'm going to Kristen's today and Mommy is going to pick me up and then we'll take a nap and then daddy will be home, etc.) but it always ends with, "On Sunday we go to church and to nursery and sing songs and say a prayer too."

We love you so much Cohen. We couldn't have asked for a better first born.


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Tanya said...

we love cohen so much! and we are so happy that he's three and lives so close to us, and that our sons could be best friends. we love you coey!!!

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