Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Random Top 10

I don't know how much more random I can get, I think you already know everything about me, but I'll give it a try.

Count Down...

10. I make my kids watch Gone with the Wind, Pride and Prejudice (A&E version, of course) and a number of musicals and other 'old' movies. I think this will make them well-rounded children.

9. I only take about 10 minutes to get ready. I should probably try to take longer, maybe actually put on make-up and, oh, I don't know, iron my clothes, but I don't. You love me anyway, right?

8. I get mad at the people on "Millionaire" when they don't know the answer and I do (usually like the $200 question, after that I'm brainless).

7. I'm still giggly about my husband. If I talk about him to strangers, I start to miss him. And for some reason I really like kissing him at bowling alley's. He likes it too.

6. I'm easily offended but VERY QUICK to forigve. It's sort of an oxymoron. I think Brett and the kids take advantage of this fact.

5. I 'believe' in astrlogical signs and color personalities. You would be amazed at how most people fit perfectly into their 'catagories'. It's the funnest to disect them. Frogs too.

4. I memorize character voices on old Disney Movies in case one day they do a "Disney Millionaire" show and I'm chosen. Ilene Woods is the voice of Cinderella. I couldn't tell you the fifth president of the US though.

3. I LOVE movie previews. If I miss them, I usually have a hard time enjoying the movie I'm watching, I'm so bummed.

2. I sing really loud in the car to musicals. My kids are starting to sing along with me. I think this is the greatest thing in the world.

1. This may shock you, so brace yourself. I love blogging and blog hopping. I consider it a sport. It should be an Olympic event.

Alright, I shared my top 10, what are yours...Alysea, Nini and Kimby? Lay it out for the WWW to see girls.


Joey & Kimbie said...

aw crap, I'm no good at the count down things. But I'll give it a try.

Joey & Kimbie said...

I did my random 10. You should check it out. We need to hang out. I miss you.

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