Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I think it's gonna rain today...

I love rainy-day clouds. They make me think of all sorts of words I don't normally think of. And even though some of them sound dark and menacing, like foreboding or ominous, rainy days actually make me feel relaxed and at peace with my inner self.

Oooh, or how about apocalyptic? If that's not cryptic, I don't know what is. Also, soporific. I love that word.
Baneful. That's a new word I learned. It's in "Harry Potter". J.K. Rowling refers to Harry's expression as baneful. What the heck does that mean? Destructive; pernicious. Funny, those are the words I use to describe my kids sometimes. Now I can just sum it up. Baneful.

But I, personally, love these murky, bistered days. I love hearing the rain clatter on the roof. I love the smell of wet dirt. I enjoy the cryptic words that randomly pop into my head. I love the feeling of rebirth the rain brings. I love how green everything is afterwards. All of these appeal to my water sign (I threw that in for you Brett). I could happily live in Oregon or Washington. I don't even carry an umbrella (except the one Brett mercifully put in my car for my children's personal comfort. He's a good daddy). I actually prefer standing in the rain and getting wet.

Enjoy this beautiful day.


Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

Kelly! I LOVE rainy days. I think they are beautiful too! I love the cozy, calm, reflective feeling that comes along with them. I was happy to see the rain clouds too:) Bytheway, I love your background, so cute!

Ryan & Hayley Nigbur said...

I've been wanting to move to Oregon or Washington forever! I love the rain!!! I just can't convince my husband to go with me! Do you want to move there with me? Anyhow, are you a writer? If not, you should be.


Joey & Kimbie said...

When I lived in WA. I use to walk to my step-moms office in the rain and get soaking wet. I never wore a coat either. Sorry, I didn't get your message until it was too late. Oh, Very cute Blog template! I love the flowers.

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