Friday, June 13, 2008

Water Signs, Good Friends and "Iron Man"

Brett and I got to go out last night with some really great friend who we feel we don't get to see often enough. Jen, like myself, is a water sign. I feel like I get along with her famously. Of course, she's such a sweetheart, I think anyone could get along with her famously. And her hubby Jared, one of Brett's best buddies, is such a doll, always giving hugs and making me feel like a million dollars. By the end of the night, as we were standing in the parking lot as it emptied and got kind of eery, I felt like I was ending a really great date. You know the kind you just hate to go home from cause you're having such a good time. One of those.

Anyway, we got to see Iron Man last night. I was a little bummed because, well, it's a comic movie. Another one. I have never been a big fan. HOWEVER, I really, really, REALLY enjoyed this movie. Really. I was on the edge of my seat. It was a great movie, and I highly recommend to you, my three faithful readers and someone from California who I don't know who found my blog on google...random...anyway, I highly recommend you see it. Definitely great.

And, if possible, go with some good friends. It makes a world of difference.


Tanya said...

sounds like fun. lets get together today. we miss you! well i miss you.:)

The Days said...

You're sweet! Thanks for the compliment. I had a lot of fun too, and I'm looking at a date in the next couple of weeks to have our BBQ...YUM! I love that we understand each other-we water signs have to stick together :)

Kimbie said...

Question, What are water signs?

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