Monday, June 16, 2008


We had our annual Millcreek birthday party for this little monkey on Saturday. It. Was. Awesome.
Of course, her Highness made an appearance.
"I guess I'll come. He is my brother after all."

So did NASCARS personal advertiser, Papa Scott, and cousin Chris. They're not much for smiling for the camera today...

Then we have the coven. I kid, I kid. Here are the Hyde sisters, also known as Susan, Sharee and Maryland. Sorry, Marilyn. Just a little tease.

And here are the boring people. Guess what they're talking about? Guess what they talked about for a solid two hours? Guess what they always talk about. Anyone? Perpetual Motion. Ugh. I admit that this is my father? Yeah, why not. This is my dad, Papa Tim. He's, well...he's special. I love him.

And here's my big *sniff* three year old *sniff* blowing out his big 3 candle. *Sniff*. This is difficult, just one moment.
Alright, let's move forward.

He's full of hot hair. Comes in handy for blowing out birthday candles, making bubbles in the water, and floating away.

Jeany gives her praise of fine birthday candle blowing abilities. Best she's seen in a year, she said.

Here's Aunt Wu. It was GREAT having her there with us.

Her Highness preparing for the cameras. "Maybe they won't notice who I am if I wear my ultra-sheik purple Oscar De La Renta sun glasses. Fame is soooo tiring..."

A private moment with grandad.
Ok, if this doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will, cause this is just adorable.

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Tanya said...

looks like you had a great time! that picture of kembry and your dad is so precious. seriously, enlarge it and frame it. i tried having tasia do a pose like that, and people were getting head butted left and right, sometimes even getting bit. i'm glad susan could be there too.

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