Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Good morning sunshine! I'm so spoiled in the morning by these beautiful sunrises, I thought I would rub it in for a moment. Enjoy...

Alright, enough lolly-gaggin', let's get this show on the road!

Great- Grandpa John torturing Kembry. Yeah, her face is pretty self-explanatory. Trust me sweety, mommy knows how you feel. I've been there!

Here are our little rug-rats helping each other along. I think Cohen is pulling Kembry against her will, but that's the beauty of taking the picture from behind, I can remember it any way I want to.

Just cute. Of course, I'm biased. Still...cutest...kid...ever. Despite the drunk eyes.

Here's the lucky guy who got to marry my not-so-little sister, Justin Keller. You know, he has a really deep voice for such a little guy. We love Justin. Welcome to the family and GOOD LUCK! I kid, I kid.

And here's the blushing bride to be. Well, blushing bride that was. She's now Mrs. Kassidy Keller. We got to see her for a total of 23 minutes and 18 seconds. Don't you just love weddings? It made Brett and me reminice about the total lack of food we got at our reception. That's ok, the dress was getting a little snug anyway.

On another, entirely obsessive-free note, aren't my kids cute?

I can't tell you how flattering it is that people keep telling me how much they look like me. I had no idea I was so flipping adorable.


Tanya said...

those are the cutest pictures of them i have ever seen. cohen is such a studmuffin. maybe he'll be a candidate for tasia's husnabd after all.

Joey & Kimbie said...

You're in trouble with that one. Brett should buy more than one gun for sure! And maybe a tiger.

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