Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cherry Hill!

Have I ever mentioned that Cohen LOVES getting his picture taken? Yes? Well, let me reiterate. Cohen LOVES getting his picture taken. If he had his way, all you'd see on this blog is him. Of course, I'd be ok with that, cause Kembry slips her pretty little face in sometimes too.

Aunt Woo came with us too, which was AWESOME! Nothing like a little vitamin D to brighten your day.
Um...I don't know. They did this for like 20 minutes. I think they're both planning to go into the Army one day. Gotta start practicing now. No time like the present. Weirdo's.

Awww, yes. My life blood. The salve for my wounds. Isn't he good looking people? I think so too.
Here's Logan. It's not the kid's fault I can't take pictures. He was actually smiling shyly and sweetly when I snapped this. Weird. Anyway, this kid is hilarious. He cracks me up. This is Cora and Heath's oldest.

Oh, this here is Cora. The youngin's mama. Cute ain't she? Yeah, she's one of those people that can get all wet and sticky and still look pretty. Grrr...

Here's Hunter, Heath and Cora's second spawn. Again, it's not his fault that I know not what I'm doing with a camera. He was smiling adorably. All I get is squinchy eyes and a corn dog. Welcome to my life.

Ugh, the love birds. Talk about the honeymoon NEVER ending. This is Holly and Ryan. They're all snuggly and kissy and stuff. Brett and I are NEVER like that. Nope, never. Not ever. They're getting a little baby in September and I'm SO excited. They're gonna be the greatest parents ever. Next to me. Where are my kids anyway?

Not pictured: Marilyn, Brandon, C.J. (Brandon's female friend, NOT his girlfriend), Shalae, Falicia, Jaxon, and me (because I don't want to blind my readers). This is mostly due to the fact that Cherry Hill is just much too fun to be walking around with a camera the whole time.

Anyway, it was a blast, and I highly recommend it if you have kiddies.
There is a large, long, fast blue slide at the water park. We (well, Brett, cause he's braver than me) decided we should take Cohen down it. The kid is insane. I don't know where he gets it. He LOVED it, and he kept wanting to go again and again. Brett took him once and I took him twice, and I cringed the whole way down both times. The kid is insane. I already said that, but still, he's insane.
Kembry, also, is insane. She likes being picked up and then dropped so that she's fully submerged in the water. She pops up like two seconds later laughing her boogers out. She refused to let me hold her in the water. Even if she was near drowning I wasn't allowed to touch her unless she asked me to. The lifeguards were eyeing me with suspicion the whole time. Here's a little, tiny 1 1/2 year old, practically drowning, and her mother doing nothing.

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Tanya said...

looks like a ton of fun. i want to go this year but larkin is suddenly afraid of everything. deep and shallow water, fireworks, noises outside, food in general. anyway, where did a picture of you go???? happy birthday eve...

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