Friday, July 11, 2008


For my birthday my adorable hububby got me the greatest present ever! He bought me a metronome. No, not one of these:
Kind of creepy. Rather, one of these:Only it's just a little computer looking gizmo that has a picture of a metronome on it, regardless, it works wonders! I don't know how many times I said, "Honey, what's Andante, is that like the pasta?" "No! It's blah blah blah." "Honey, what's Prestissimo? Is he that nice Italian that lives down the street?" "Yes, that's why his name is in a piano book, dear." "Honey, what's Tranquillo?" "That means Tranquil!!!!" Pfft, I know just as much about tranquility as I know about splitting atoms (which isn't much, just in case the sarcasm didn't get across to you over the World Wide Web). So, bless his heart, he bought me a metronome. Of course, I mostly torture him because he won't let me take piano lessons and says I have to learn it all by myself.
This little thing is amazing. On the back it has etched into it's little spine all the beats (or, times? I know not) of each of these puzzling words and more. It's AWESOME! So, the point is, if you don't know what to get someone for their birthday or Christmas or Quanzica or Festivas or whatever, you can't go wrong with a Metronome.
"But Kelly! What if they don't play an instrument of any type at all?"
"No worry, it helps them keep beat when they're dancing. Hmmm, this song sounds like Presto, let's kick it up a notch."
"But Kelly! What if they don't dance?"
"Then it works great as a door stop, a teether, or something to annoy everyone around you with its incessant beeping and booping."
"I'll take three!"
See, covered your bases.

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Joey & Kimbie said...

Okay you had me rolling on the floor laughing with this one. Or should I say rofl...Oh I'm cool now. Kelly, I love how you write. Oh, is there such thing as a Metro-Gnome? They always where those night caps....I don't think no metro Gnome is gonna wear one of those. He's gotta change his whole appearance if he wants to be Metro! Right? On to the to the metronome, My mommy had one and when I couldn't get it to stop I'd start to get a little anxiety cause I though I'd get in trouble for playing with it! Didn't know you had to click it back it. Oh and sorry about the sequel to my other comment.

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