Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kembry and the Rubber Band

Some pictures explain themselves. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, or something like that. Other pictures, however, require a detailed explanation so as to avoid child services from confiscating your children and placing them with better, more 'able' people. Like these pictures, for example.

No, she does not suffer from gigantism, nor does she have a pituitary problem. She does, however, enjoy putting the little rubber bands for her hair onto her wrist. This time, she did it over night.
Now, several of my friends (check's in the mail, by the way) and family members take it upon themselves to help my low self-esteem problem and remind me often that I'm, what they call, a 'good mommy'. I like to convince myself that they're right. This, however, is flinging the poo from the fan. Please don't make me explain further.
Anyway, we finally 'got smart' and stopped letting her go to bed with said rubber bands. This didn't help much, though, as her older brother is what Dr. Lund would call an 'enabler'. On more than one occasion since this traumatic incident, Kembry has been found with no fewer than 50 small rubber bands in bed with her, and usually cutting off the circulation to one or both of her hands. Thankfully, the swelling goes down, as does the public opinion of my parenting ability.


Lacie Moto said...

That's so funny that she does that!! My brother once stuck a rubberband on our dogs foot and forgot about it. It was on there for like a week. Poor thing limped forever!

Tanya said...

you have not deterred my opinion of you being a good mommy. good luck with that one, you'll have to kill one of your children(on purpose) before that title will be withdrawn from you.

Joey & Kimbie said...

Ya know what would be weird, is if the rubber-band cut the circulation off from her body and not her hand. Her hand would be normal sized and the rest of her body would be HUGE. At least Kembry doesn't eat the rubber-band like some one else I know...coughKaiyenna. That girl sticks everything in her mouth and hurrys and swallows it before I can get it out...It's a good thing I change her diapers, otherwise I'd have child services on my case about feeding my child hair things, string, carpet, bum wipes...she takes bites out of them when I leave them down and go into the garage to throw her old diaper out. She eats EVERYTHING.
p.s.sorry about the novel.

Christy & Kevin said...

Oh my goodness! poor girl! it's so sad and so cute at the same time. Maybe try giving her bigger rubber probably not a good idea either. That's why I have a boy.

Liz said...

OW! Isnt it crazy the things kids latch onto? My youngest sister used to stare at the sun because it was 'pretty.' Yikes.

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