Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to Behaving

The last couple of weeks have been great!  Sad, but great!

Great, because Brett had some vacation days.

Great, because I wasn't alone for a looong time.

Great, because I got to see a lot of step-family I normally don't get to see.

Sad, because my sweet step-grandmother died.

But it was nice spending whole days at my step-moms', with the entire family there.  Nice having the kids home with me every day.  I even drove a few times (I love Terbulatine) though I really shouldn't have.  Don't worry, I had Brett in the car with me the whole time!

So now it's back to behaving and being lonely.  Yesterday was the first day, and it was a cold reminder of how much I dislike "bed rest" and day time t.v.  Oh how I hate day time t.v.

So please blog.  Please post.  Tell me about the state of your butter, or the length of your grass that needs mowing, or the slobber coming out of your toddlers mouth.  Heck, you can even tell me about your lactating experience if you want (I did!) haha. 

I'm bored, and I'm needy.  Just ask Brett.

Kelly Down (again)

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Three girls and a Daddy said...

I feel for you so so much!!! It's amazing to me that most women can get pregnant and go 9 months without complications! They have no idea how blessed they are! When you have complications it seems that no one understands just how hard it is to stay down. How at the end of everyday you are just so grateful that you lasted just one more day, and then you pray you can make it one more when in the back of your mind you are absolutely sure you will go crazy if you have to stay in bed another day!!!
Do you ever feel like slapping those moms who are pregnant with no complications but yet still complain about being tired, getting fat and all the NORMAL things that go along with just being pregnant??? I feel like yelling shut the **** up!!! I would give everything to grow a big belly, be tired get fat and not be able to see my toes, instead I thanked God for everyday he blessed that baby to stay in my belly and prayed that I would blessed enough to make it to 34, 36 weeks and that if by his grace I did that the baby would be born healthy and would only have a short stay in the hospital! Well I feel better now! To tell you the truth I have been wanting to yell that on FB for a few weeks! I have a few peeps in their last trimester and all they do is complain, really your uncomfortable?? HELLO your pregnant what did you expect??!!! Ok Melissa clam down (deep breathing now)
You are almost done and soon you will hold your little baby and know it was your deepest love that brought that baby into the world, because not all women are willing to do what you are choosing to do and for that you will be blessed, what greater sacrifice can a women give than what you are giving right now? Hang in there Kelly you are doing great and I pray everything continues to go well for you and your little baby!

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