Friday, June 04, 2010

Just So Cute

My sweet friend made me a box with 75 uplifting quotes and questions about motherhood.  One for each day I had left of bed rest (a few days ago =) 

Kembry loves the box.

I have to admit, it's really flippin' cute.

But she likes to open it and take out a small piece of paper and "read it". 

So today I let her pick out my daily nourishment.  I read it to her, "What are the things I love and admire about my father?"

So I asked her, "What are the things you love and admire about daddy?"

Her answer:

"Um, I'm in love with Cohen.  There is a temple and I'm going to marry him in that temple.  Daddy can come if he wants to."

There you have it Brett.  You're welcome to come to her marriage of incest if you want.  At least you'll only have to pay for one and not two!

Kelly Down

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