Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Shmonday

My baby had his fifth birthday party up Millcreek Canyon on Saturday.

I feel too young to have a five year old.

So I declare he is still four, and will not be attending kindergarten this year.

So let it be said, so let it be done.

I also got a wicked sunburn.  Don't underestimate the sun, even in the shade.  I've had to ice down swollen skin on my  legs and feet for two days now.  This is to rival a sunburn I got in California for my senior trip...I have pictures, but it's painful to see.  Very, very painful.  I've paid much to therapy and aloe to forget about the pain...

We're also out of milk.  This is blog worthy.  I can't live without milk.  Maybe the bunny is still I that desperate?  Mmmm...probably not.  Still, no milk.  It's gonna be a rough day.

Kelly Down

P.S. As for Monday Shmonday, Brett took Thursday and Friday off to work in our yard and accomplish a long list of Honey-do's I lovingly prepared him.  It's going to rain Thursday and Friday.  I found this out this morning.  It should be illegal to give bad weather reports on a Monday Morning. 

1 comment:

The Hancuff's said...

no milk is totally blog worthy. along with no clean underwear, or no toilet paper:/

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