Monday, June 21, 2010

No Better Man

My dad sums up the greatness of my husband well.  He took me aside last week and said, "We think Brett should get the Father of the Year Award. Can we get him something for Father's Day to show him how much we appreciate him?"

K, if people outside our immediate little family love and appreciate Brett this much, can you imagine how much we adore him?

The man can't clean, but he tries.  He can't match kids clothes to save my life, but he tries.  He cooks like a God of the Grill and he is always, always, in a good mood.  I mean, how does he do it?  I looked around a few times for the happy pills I thought he was popping...but I couldn't find anything but Skittles and Reisen's. 

He fills my prescriptions fast and takes me to my appointments and drives me around while I tell him how to drive me around.  He let's me read to him and talk his ear off about the crap I'm reading (how many men can feign interest in a book called, "Our Babies, Ourselves"?  But he does.  He totally does.)

He's taught our 5 and 3 year old their first four Articles of Faith, which has just about everybody impressed, including me.  He has established a bed time routine that rocks my freaking mind, including the kids cleaning up their room, brushing their teeth, saying a family prayer, and then saying personal prayers.  Oh, and giving mommy the obligatory "Good Night Kiss", which he doesn't let them forget, ever.  So sweet.

The man is plain incredible.

And even though I tease and call him "Hermaphro-Daddy" and "Man-Slave" (he secretly likes that one) what he really is, is my Rock. 

So, Happy Day-After-Fathers-Day honey.  We truly would be pooh under some dudes shoe without you here.

Kelly Down

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