Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feelin' Baaalluuuue

Today has been a rough (physical) day.  I've been spoiled, disillusioned, with delicious pills that I now think I'm immune to.  Is that the word?  Immune?  Anywho...deys ain't workin' so good no mo'.

Friday I was really sick, which was poopy (a very appropriate term for what I was going through) and I haven't slept well in several nights. 

I'm feeling physically and emotionally exhausted.  And I'm sure I'm the only woman 30 weeks pregnant who has ever felt this way. 

But things are going to start looking up.  TOMORROW.

I demand it.

So let it be said, so let it be done.

Kelly Down


genderist said...

I agree with you. So let it be.

The Hancuff's said...

sorry its been lousy. i came to search for you, but found you already had an audience. i'll visit soon, with anything you request:)

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