Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Tree, an Uninsured Boy, and a Maniac with a Saw

Just a normal tree on a normal day...but wait...what is that I see?

Let me get a closer look...it couldn't be...

Oh but it is!  An uninsured little boy playing in a tree with...

...a maniac and a saw.  Hmmm, yes, this seems like the appropriate thing to do a few hours after finding out the boy has no insurance. 

Of course this shadow should be lying down on the couch, not outside taking pictures.

"Mama, what are you doin' outta bed?"

Taking pictures of cute little girls.  Pose for mommy, baby.

"But what about the pants I chose to wear against your advice?  What ever will people say?"

They will say that is one willful little girl.  And they would be right.

"Me?  Willful, Mama?  But I'm your little angel..."

And now back to the uninsured...

"Here son, lemmee help you down since your Mama is fuuurreaking out."

"Let's try to do this in the most dangerous way possible.  Ooh!  I know, let me dangle you from the tree son."

And that bright light you see, I'm sure Cohen saw it too.  That, and all 5 years of his short, short life.

"Don't go into the light, my son!"

"But Daddy's dangling me from a tree.  Let me go into the light Mama, please."

And then, just inches away from death...or worse, an uninsured stay at the hospital...

...we have touch down.

Now let's all go inside and change our shorts.


Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness! I have to say, you're silohuette looks beautiful! That sucks about the insurance...I hope everything gets sorted out soon. Gees Louise!

Muy Lair said...

Kelly you are SO FUNNY!!! I laughed through this whole post!

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