Saturday, June 05, 2010

Holy Contractions Batman

My contractions have a voice.

Anyone ever listen to Jim Dahle narrate the Harry Potter series?  I'm hearing the voice of the Basilisk as it slithers through Hogwarts, "Rip them, kill them, blooooood.  Bloooood."  Is this a form of schizophrenia?

On a side note, I've set an all new record for pelvic pops in one night.  Mmmm, sounds like a sucker.  Strawberry Kiwi Pelvic Pops.  Yummmm.

And can I just say, 5 a.m. seems to be coming earlier and earlier every day...someone tell my contractions this is baby feeding time, not torture time. 

Kelly Down


genderist said...

Mmm... strawberry kiwi suckers sound yummy!!

I hope your contractions let you sleep a little later tomorrow. Maybe at least til 5:15... :)

The Hancuff's said...

i had no idea you were up this early in the morning?!?! good to know.

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