Monday, June 14, 2010

FYI: Last Night Rocked

So this is what normal pregnancy can be like?  Oh yeah...I remember now...

I had been having regular, painful contractions since Saturday afternoon.  This was normal, so I didn't worry too much.  I just went about my usual attempts to stop them, to no avail.  Saturday night was a crappy night.  Not only did my sweet grandmother get put into the hospital where they found some bad news, but my contractions were getting harder and stronger.

That night I didn't sleep much.  I was so tired I would wake up every few minutes with a contraction, then fall asleep, then wake up a few minutes later.  I ended up taking 2 hot baths before 7 a.m.  Which didn't work.

Okay, time to bargain.  "I'll go to church today, if You will stop these contractions..."  Haha, ok, I didn't really sink that low, but I did go to church because the thought of staying home and just suffering didn't sound as appealing as being spiritually uplifted.  But, that may have been a bad idea.

So I had Brett bring me home a smidgen early.  By the time he got home, only half an hour later, I was 2 minutes apart with contractions and mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted.

I kept saying to myself, "Ok, one more hard one and I will go in.  Ok, one more hard one, and I'll go in."  About 60 more hard ones, I went in.

The second they hooked me up, I had a contraction, and it showed up.  I automatically felt validated, less insane, and very excited that perhaps now we were finally going to get them to stop!!!

They checked my cervix, which is holding strong.  I'm impressed considering the beating it's getting.  Between my contractions and kick-boxing-baby, it's determined to stay shut.  I hope it changes it's mind around August 14th, haha.

Anywho, slept really late today thanks to morphine, but woke up to more contractions.  Brett's getting my Rx on his way here for lunch, and then the rest of this pregnancy is going to be easy sailing.  Right?  RIGHT?!

Kelly Down


Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!
That stuff is my sanity!!
I love going in to L&D, they clock my contractions 2.5 minutes apart, then they realize I'm only 28 weeks. They FREAK...but pretend not try and keep me calm. THEN I tell them...this is my 4th kid...happens every time. :)
Ain't I just a stinker. :)

The Finlinsons said...

You, my friend, are a trooper.

genderist said...

RIGHT!! :)

The rest of your pregnancy is going to be so boring that you'll hope for the contractions to signal that it's over.

Kelly said...

I should've done it like you, Abbie, that would've been HILARIOUS! The first words out of my mouth were, "I have a pissy uterus, be warned." But they do get a little uppity when you tell them you're only 28 weeks along...

Thanks Lara! I'm so excited for the uneventful. Hopefully the next 9 weeks still fly by!!

Bethany!! Tomorrow!! Good luck!!

Kimberly said...

Go cervix! Go cervix! Go go GO Go Cervix. Way to say shut! LOL!

Mine was like the freaken gatekeeper. Nothing was passing through that sucker until it was ready to. Even my son who may or may not be the son of Chuck Norris because he can roundhouse kick the shit out of anything, couldn't penetrate the cervix!

I am so glad that you're going to get relief.

Sending healing vibes and hoping that your ninja stays put until the son's birthday too ;)

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