Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Freaking Insurance

Remember that "Friends" episode (Oh my gosh, I swore I would never start a conversation like that, and a blog post isn't any better...)  Anyway, remember that "Friends" episode where Phoebe's bank accidentally deposits $500 into her account?  So she goes in to straighten it out, and so they deposit another $500 instead removing the first $500?

Well, we're having the exact opposite hell.

We enrolled our family for insurance.  Pragmatic, no?  Well, we got our "confirmation" letter back in May.  It said our family was happily and safely enrolled in Medical Insurance, but that only Brett was enrolled in Dental.

No big deal.  Well before the Open-Enrollment had ended.  So he calls them up, tells them their mistake, gets it fixed.


Instead of adding the family to the dental plan, they REMOVED us from the Medical Plan.

Are you twitching yet?  It gets better.  We didn't find out about that until we were at a doctors appointment.

"Um, this says you're inactive."

What the....??

So, Brett gets on the phone again.  He calls his HR and the company benefit people (the morons of this whole scenario).  They give him a case number, and insure him the problem will be fixed by June 14th.

He even got an email and a phone call a few days later telling him the problem was fixed.  So we happily went our merry way to Labor and Delivery, joyfully got the kids shot up with all the immunizations their little legs could handle...heck, I even did a little quicky for my second degree sun burn.  Luckily, we saved the e-mail because...

...today we got our confirmation letter in the email.  Guess whose insured, and whose not insured?  Yep, Brett's got all the medical benefits his little, healthy, beating heart could desire, while the rest of us have zero.

Including the pregnant mother with a semi-high risk pregnancy who could very well go into labor at any moment and give birth to a preemie who will have to spend a minimum of 8 weeks in the NICU, while the mother spends the next 8 years in therapy recovering.  Oh, and also holds down 2 jobs to pay off all the medical bills that should have been covered by freaking insurance in the first freaking place.

I'm freaking out.  Can you tell? 

So much for avoiding stress...

Kelly Twitchy


genderist said...

But they're going to fix it, right?

Kelly said...

Unless they want to feel the wrath of a hormonal pregnant woman, they better! Ha! BTW, I'm loving the book. LOVING IT! Although, she is very biased against American's, isn't she? I mean...we're not all that terrible...

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